Thursday, May 24, 2007

Mini Box Day

First, the results of the book battle: Pippi has won! We are now on Chapter Three and will continue with it. Dad has been doing most of the reading aloud this week and I've had some health issues so we haven't got very far but are back to it today.

Today was a mini box day for us. I decided to order some books from WP Adv. K LA program to supplement what we are doing now so hopefully ds will be ready for LA1 next year (Gr. 2 for him). We are already using the Nora Gaydos readers so I added the last two boxed sets to my order which included the following:

On the Go: Level 3
Let's Play: Level 4
25 Read & Write Mini Books That Teach Word Families
The Word Family Actitivy Book - this is actually on back order so I didn't get it yet.
Spectrum Phonics Gr. 1 - and I just added this one in as I feel we need to be doing some type of phonics workbook to go along with our phonics program.

So now I am 100% all set and do not need to buy anything else until we are ready for Gr. 2!

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